How To Raise Thriving Kids Who Will Change The World

How To Raise Thriving Kids Who Will Change The World

Welcome to a radical view of parenting that goes deep into our children’s souls and limitless freedom. We discuss one of the most empowering statements of truth: “The children desire freedom! And every Particle of their being from the Source says, ‘You are free. You are so free that every thought you offer, all of the Universe jumps to respond to it.'” Let us be clear about what makes it impossible to confine this freedom.

A Universal Call to Freedom 

Pure freedom is embedded within children. When they enter this world, their essence vibrates with an innate call toward independence and self-expression. This call is not just a desire; instead, it is a deep-rooted basic need.

When imagining, a child’s thoughts are signals to the Universe. We understand that particles vibrating in the inflow of energy can coexist in more than one state at a time. Children, like particles, are in a state of pure possibility. Their thoughts and wishes ripple through the cosmos and, in return, attract responses congruent with their unique vibrational frequency.

Going Against Universal Laws 

When we curtail freedom for our children, we reduce their potential and go against what the Universe is. The Universe is so well-built that it has kept a window open for freedom for every being, particularly our children. Trying to cage their natural state of being will usher in a cacophony of disharmony that not only affects them but also bounces back to us through regret and frustration.

Take, for example, the principle of quantum entanglement. Distance has not been able to separate particles that were once interconnected. That is how connected our children are with us. The natural order is disturbed when we deprive them of their free will and create emotional and spiritual imbalance.

Accepting Our Kids’ Freedom Let us, for the absolute honor of our children, cultivate this natural freedom within them. Here is how we can operationalize that:

Inspire Exploration: Give kids the space to identify their passions and interests. Support their interests by enabling them to explore diverse experiences.

Respect Their Choices: Allow children to make choices within a safe range. This way, they gradually enhance their confidence and develop a strong sense of autonomy.

Listen to Their Voices: Listen to every word your child says with attention. Reflect on their feelings and thoughts so that your child feels what they think is really important.

Encourage creativity: Develop environments that breed creativity. Let children be free to express themselves imaginatively through art, play, or even problem-solving.

Model Freedom: Prove yourself free by living for your passions; prove yourself in real life. Finally, children learn from the way of life of adults, and in this way, they will become free.

The Wisdom of the Universe 

The Entire Universe is a supporter of the freedom of our children. Having convinced ourselves of such a truth, we create a harmonious world for our children. Believe in this wisdom of the Universe and the unlimited potential wherein the thoughts and desires of your child reside. Let the children be free; you will see how life unfolds most amazingly. Join us in bringing forth and designing from the leading edge of thought. Celebrate the unlimited freedom that rightfully belongs to every child. By doing so, we ally with the Universe’s most powerful forces and pave the way for a thriving generation.